So, I was searching for Memes.  That is, a weekly blog prompt that other bloggers around the world participate in.  I’ve already found “Wordless Wednesday” and “Thursday’s Thirteen”, so I thought certainly there would be an interesting meme for Tuesday that I could join.  Then I found it… it’s called “Tackle It Tuesday” and it’s from 5 Minutes For Mom.  This one is really perfect for me, because I need all the motivation I can get, I LOVE FlyLady and decluttering, and I love taking Before and After Pictures of projects that I “Tackle”.

Today’s project?  The Computer Room.  In particular, the desk that is supposed to be used for the kid’s studying, homework, and craft projects.  But it never gets used, because it’s always a big mess.  To complicate matters, the family has been LIVING in the Computer room.  It has an Air Conditioner, and the rest of the house just has a swamp-cooler, which doesn’t work if the Dew Point is higher than 55%.  So, the computer room has become a play room, tv room, and family bedroom.

The kids sleeping on the floor of the office, last night.

The longer we are all cramped in here, the messier it gets.  I’m starting to get a little stir crazy.  Clutter gives me anxiety…. actual physical and psychological anxiety.  So it’s time to do something about this room, a little at a time, before I completley lose my cool – even if it is the coolest room in the house!

First things first – I need some room to work.  I have to pick up those blankets on the floor so I have space to reach the desk and pull things out from under it….

eeew, lots of crumbs on the floor! How did those get there?

Hmmm… need to vaccuum! 
I started, but then had to stop to un-clog the vaccuum hose.  It was full of potato chips.  Now I know what happened to that bag of potato chips over the weekend.  Anyways… now the floor is clean…


Once the floor was clean, I was free to tackle THIS;

The desk, BEFORE picture. (Taken last night)

First, I cleared off the top of the desk, and took all the toys away.  Then I pulled everything out from under the desk….

This stuff was organized at one point I swear!

Then I put this stuff into nice piles… coloring books, workbooks, art supplies, craft supplies, and trash.  I threw away the trash, put each pile into it’s appropriate box, and put it all back under the table.  This is the finished project;

Ahh! Much Better!

I think after lunch the kids and I might do some workbooks or a craft project!
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