I’m not really in a “Tackling” mood today, but thanks to Tina’s post I found a project that wasn’t too overwhelming or demanding.  Or so I thought!

Today’s Tackle It Tuesday project – to clean out my purse!  I haven’t done this in awhile.  I’ve been noticing how heavy it has gotten.  Also, searching for a pen last week, I felt something sticky in there and gave up.

Sooo… here it goes.  The Purse.  Boulder-like in shape and weight.

Dump out the contents.  Woah!  How did this happen?  What IS that stuff??
Things I found in my purse.
Shopping lists from last month.
Reciepts from last year.
Coupons from 2008.
Scraps of paper with “notes to self”.
A tea bag had broken open and spilled it’s green, herbal contents all throughout the inside of my purse.  “No, officer, that’s not what you think.”  I was wondering what had happened to my last bag of Yerba Mate.
Something… sticky.  I think at one point it might have been candy.  It was stuck to a couple pens, some change, and an empty vitamin bottle.
Lots of loose change, pens, some lotion samples, and some “feminine products”, and a bottle of fingernail polish; Manhattan Red.

This is the stuff that is NOT going back in my purse.  Some papers to be filed, a couple post cards and stickers I might use for an Inspiration board.  And the plastic bag is full of all the trash… mostly old reciepts.  But also something sticky and something herbal.

Here’s the stuff that IS allowed to live in my purse.

Pens (they all work – I checked!), Crayons for the kids, keys, chap stick, feminine projects, my wallet.  The wallet has been cleaned out too… it was also full of old receipts, and a checkbook from a bank account that has been closed since 2008.  The little black bag contains stuff like make-up (what little I own) travel-size lotion bottles, and medications.  After all, one should never travel far without her Pamprin and Holistic Stress Relief Tablets.  Especially if you have a Doomsday Purse like mine.

Ahhh, that’s better.  Purse-shaped and less than 2 pounds.  Now I’m almost loking forward to going grocery shopping later today.