Hi everyone!  How was your week?  I hope it was fabulous! 
My week was great, I feel like I really got a lot done!  The best part is that I was able to maintain a clean house but still had time for extra things too!  Gotta love that! 

This week for my Shopping/Couponing, I am happy to report that I found some GREAT deals at Fry’s!  (Kroger)  They are still having some great sales and deals going on thru the weekend and lasting thru Tuesday so check out your local Fry’s/Krogers and see what they have for you!  You can see their sales at their website!  ALSO, if you didn’t know, Fry’s is having a great deal with Coupons this week!  They usually always double coupons anyways, so if you have a coupon that’s worth 25 cents it’s good for 50 cents at Fry’s.  BUT THIS WEEK, ALL COUPONS are worth $1.00!!  If it says 25 cents off, it’s worth $1.00 off!  If it says 40 cents off, it’s worth $1.oo off!  Not sure how long this deal will last so check with your local store!  When I combined this coupon deal with some sales, I ended up getting A LOT of things for under 50 cents!  I brought down my total from $163.33 to a total of $87.04!  I had a total savings of $76.29 – almost 50% off my total bill!  That’s like paying half price for Everything I got!  (Or like getting half of the stuff for FREE!) So this was a great week for that!  I’m planning on shopping again on Monday so I should be able to do that again!

This week’s Cleaning Zone (FlyLady style) was the Front Entrance/Front Porch.
I got some GREAT cleaning done in my front entrance, and of course I took some Before & After pictures for you all!

My Front Porch, BEFORE
I don’t know how it got this way. 
Oh, yeah I do.
It’s called, “we just walk past it and never stop to pick anything up”

But then… I rescued it!  Ta-Dah!
Much better, wouldn’t you agree?

My Front Entrance is like a Formal Livingroom.  We have a couch, bookshelves, etc.  We also keep the bikes in here  rather than keeping them outside.  It isn’t used as a Livingroom really, because we have the main couches and TV/Wii in the other Livingroom.  This is just usually known as “The Front Room”.  But I was happy to have a week to work on it, it needed a good rescue and now my home feels more Company-Ready than ever before!

Here is part of the Front Room BEFORE.  This is just to the right of the front door, and where we have been keeping the bikes.  There is a bench there, but it wasn’t being used.

And here’s the AFTER picture.  I moved the bench to the other wall to make more room for the bikes.  Also, cleaned out that magazine rack and re-organized the top of that bookshelf.  Much more inviting!  But now I am inspired to get a bike rack and some bike chains (locks) so we can keep the bikes in the back yard!

Here’s another angle of the same area, Before & After;

Okay, on to the next section of the Front Room!
Here we have a Wicker Bookshelf with books, photos, and miscellaneous crap.  And I mean, even I was suprised at the crap I found here when I was cleaning it out!

And a close-up/different angle on the Wicker Bookshelf;


And After……
*Massive Sigh of Relief*

Oh, and guess what?  Aside from clearing away the clutter and re-organizing this whole room, I also got some great cleaning done!  The walls, doorways, lightswitches and doorknobs have all been wiped and scrubbed, the floor has been thouroughly swept and mopped, and yes, I even stood on a chair to deal with this….

Eeeeeewwww!  Dust encrusted ceiling fan!

But don’t worry, now it looks like this; shiny and white!

I can hear the
“Ooohs” and

Thankyou, thankyou.

*takes a bow*

So, another succesful week, wouldn’t you agree?  And like I said before, I was able to maintain the house, do this extra cleaning in the Front Room, and STILL have time for more.  I went to a Yoga Class this week.  Yep, just me!  Out of the house, on a week night, doing something just for me!
AND, Xander and I have picked up Preschooling again.  I mean, I realized there are only about 6 months before he starts Kindergarten, so I might as well try to get him used to doing some school work now and then.  Here is Xander’s work for the week!  We learned about the letter A and the sound it makes in words, Upper case and Lower case, and practiced writing it.  We also read some great books like “The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat”, and he is doing great with recognizing letter sounds and beginning to sound out words!